The Cure And / Or Curse That Is Naltrexone: Naltrexone Treatment – Effective Heroin Addict Cure Or Not?

The Women’s Weekly piece garnered huge political and public interest and support within a very short period of time in Australia. Within political circles it is particularly controversial. Federal Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop and then Minister for Health and current Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were the most vocal supporters of naltrexone within federal parliament. Naltrexone was the miracle cure of the year!

Skeptical clinicians and researchers (who had been caught out before) were ridiculed by the parliamentary enquiry (and social commentators) chaired by MP Bronwyn Bishop who maintained praise for naltrexone and naltrexone implants. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee twice considered naltrexone and approved it for alcohol dependence but not for heroin dependence. They felt that the taxpayer should not be asked to subsidize naltrexone for heroin treatment. The then Prime Minister John Howard lobbied the Committee to change their mind to no avail.

The Small Print of Naltrexone and Naltrexone Implants

Advocates of naltrexone implants rightly commented that the treatment itself was very effective; however, the dilemma lay in the fact that patients stopped taking naltrexone orally. An implant was developed (inserted under the skin in a small surgical procedure) which slowly released naltrexone into the bloodstream as effectively as if a patient were taking naltrexone tablets orally.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), which is the regulatory body that monitors treatments such as this, still has not authorized the use of naltrexone implants; however, those who wanted implants inserted were able to, under a special government scheme designed for patients who had terminal diseases like cancer or AIDS (those who had only months to live) who required access to unauthorized treatments because they were pressed for time.

The TGA insists that some naltrexone implants are stamped “not for use in humans.” Very few doctors or researchers who specialize in drug and alcohol issues still support naltrexone or naltrexone implants. The consensus amongst Australian and overseas experts (due to thalidomide deformations in the 60s of thousands of people) is that new drugs are ineffective and unsafe until proven otherwise.

Reports started circulating about how risky naltrexone and the implants were. Was there an increased risk of death if people took heroin whilst on naltrexone or after having stopped naltrexone? Clinics were opening up all over costing between $5000 – $10 000 of which partners and families were scraping this amount together to help loved ones suffering heroin addiction.

As a result of these worrying reports, several states funded research projects which found that people who continued with naltrexone treatment did wonderfully well; however, in one Australian study, it found that only two percent of patients were taking the treatment after six months. Australian research like their overseas counterparts discovered that the death rate was eight times higher in those stopping naltrexone than those who stopped methadone. Within the drug using community, the rumours concerning naltrexone seemed confirmed and furthermore it cost (to them) a small fortune.

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It seems as if the jury is still out with regard to naltrexone and naltrexone implants.

The Questions to Ask Regarding Naltrexone and Naltrexone Implants

If a medical professional advises Naltrexone, it is advisable to seek answers to the following questions:

  • If 100 patients were inserted tomorrow with a naltrexone implant or started taking naltrexone orally how many of those patients would not have taken heroin six months from that insertion?
  • If 100 patients were inserted tomorrow with a naltrexone implant or started taking naltrexone orally how many of those patients will develop serious side effects within six months from that insertion? How many mild side effects within six months? How many within 12 months?
  • How safe is this treatment?
  • What is the total cost of naltrexone treatment (and followup) after six and 12 months?
  • Are naltrexone implants approved by the TGA and if not, why not?
  • Are naltrexone implants stamped “not for use in humans”?

An Overview Of Laser Lipolysis

As we mature, we experience several good and bad things in life. Good things brings charms of positivity even in the old age while a few issues certainly make us upset. One such is the occurrence of skin laxity as we age. It spoils the fascination of the beauty and makes us lose our self-confidence. But it is not like you do not have any solution. We all are blessed with the latest laser lipolysis technology to get rid of such problems.

Although, liposuction has proven to be the most effective treatment of enhancing the body shape and contour volume, it is replaced by the advanced technology of laser lipolysis. With the increased surgical times and longer anaesthetic procedure, the outcome with liposuction was higher risk and indecisive results.

However, the drawbacks have not reduced the social demand to improve the body contour. The search for a technique with minimal risk and intrusiveness was on the rise.  A technique was needed that do not require major anaesthesia and that can allow the patient to return back to their normal daily activities.

Therefore, laser treatment was introduced as a new tool for the doctors to correct body shape and volume that reduces trauma associated with traditional liposuction.

The main objective of laser- lipolysis is:

  • Readapts the skin with optimum results in a minimum period of time.
  • Increased safety.
  • Reduced recovery time.
  • Reduced optical fibre and aspiration cannula.

Laser- lipolysis technique

The thermal effect of the laser on the dermis and septa of the fatty issue develops preadaptation of the skin. The technique treats the localized fat deposits that are resistant to tough exercise, diet or any external methods. The process is based on subtle increases in fat tissue temperature that release the triglycerides stored in the fat cells. This procedure liquefies and gradually extracted.

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Lasers deliver light energy that is absorbed by the receptive chromophores in the fat cells. This creates sufficient heating to attain thermal damage. The heat even creates coagulation of collagen fibre and the small vessels minimize operative trauma while attaining skin contraction.

The four stages of laser-lipolysis

The first stage: Selection of patients:

patients with excessive deviances in body weight are not allowed for this treatment. Similarly, person with concomitant conditions that can be risky for this treatment are also excluded.

Second stage: Supplementary examination:

Through means of ultrasound and blood work, the areas to be treated are assesses properly. In addition, any fibrosis conditioned by prior surgery, liposuction or traumas are also examined.

Third stage: Treatment:

Local anaesthesia is used and the displacement of optical fibre begins. The released triglycerides are removed through extrusion with the help of suction or roller with a fine cannula. Now the skin retracts and the septa and partitions high in water congeal.

Fourth stage: Results evaluation and follow up:

A week post the treatment, patient presents moderate swelling or irritation with almost no discreet mark.  A month later, the shape and volume are assessed and exactly three months later the whole process of the skin readaptation can be achieved. The quality of the skin gradually improves up to a year after treatment. The majority of the patients are satisfied with the efficiency, tolerance and accomplishment of their expectation and are willing to recommend the process.

Are there any side effects?

Although there are no side effects, except for potential friction sensation and tingling that may appear during the first 4 days. There are no specific restrictions however, it is recommended to:

  • Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise.
  • You may find different program that can provide you special offer and
    membership invitation for laser treatment.

8 Tips To Stay Fit While Staying Healthy

It’s important to make good choices to stay fit and healthy when looking for ways to lose weight. Not all diet plans or supplements that are targeted for weight loss work. In addition, many weight loss supplements can be harmful to health and lead to negative side effects.

Using prescription or over-the-counter weight loss aids can be ineffective or dangerous

Prescription and over-the-counter weight loss aids can have negative side effects that can result in long term damage to your health. For example, some drugs have a tendency to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease resulting in a heart attack or a stroke.

These include:
  • Increase in blood pressure.
  • Irregular heart beats.
  • Headaches, and convulsions.
  • Some weight loss supplements and diets that claim to help you lose weight drastically in a very short duration of time can prove to be detrimental by blocking your body’s capacity to absorb fat: This condition may lead to;Gastrointestinal disturbances, Acute vitamin deficiencies, Liver or kidney failure.

Herbal supplements are not necessarily safe and effective

Natural ingredients aren’t always safe or effective.  Herbal remedies are not monitored by the FDA. There are also no guidelines for effective dosage. There is no way to know how much of each ingredient is actually contained within each dose.  Herbal remedies also have the risk of side effects, just like other medications. They may increase the risk of certain health conditions and may cause dangerous interactions with other medications. These products may not even work for something as common as weight loss. Using medications and products not intended for weight loss have little results and can harm the body.

Some people use laxatives, diuretics, or ipecac to purge food and fluids from the body.

Laxatives and diuretics aren’t effective for weight loss because they work to remove waste from the body after calories have been used. Using them sparingly can lead to excess loss of fluids and changes in the way the body functions. Using these products for weight loss can lead to kidney or heart failure. Taking ipecac syrup when it is not necessary for its intended purpose may even lead to instant death.

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Cutting out entire food groups is not necessary and can lead to chronic deficiencies

Completely cutting out carbs or fats is not the right approach to maintain a certain weight as it may lead to deficiencies of certain essential vitamins or minerals. Good carbs can be found in whole grains, beans, fruits, and vegetables. Good fats can be found in fish, fish oil, olive oil, and nut sources. Fat is necessary in small amounts to digest certain nutrients and avoid deficiencies. It also helps you to feel fuller for longer, thereby helping you stay away from unhealthy snacking.

Calorie needs change over time

As you age and lose weight, your body needs less calories to maintain weight and to function properly. On option to get to an optimum weight is to lower your caloric intake slightly and add a little more activity to everyday routine.

Weight is not the only factor to consider to stay fit and healthy

Muscle weighs more than fat. When getting enough exercise and including necessary strength training, you may lose fat but gain muscle. This may show up as a weight gain in some people. Keep a regular check on your body’s measurements to see the bigger picture. If you lose fat but gain muscle, you still may have lost inches in areas such as the waist, hips, or thighs even though your weight may remain the same.

The importance of building muscle

Building muscle helps the body to burn more calories during and after physical activities.

It also helps to:

  • Strengthen joints
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve body contours
  • Help control blood sugar

Eating too little can be harmful to the body and halt weight loss

For weight loss, some people consume less calories than what the body needs to function properly throughout the day. This makes the body turn to fat stores for energy and functioning. However, even without daily activity, the body needs a certain amount of calories for all organs to function properly on a day to day basis. Without enough calories you won’t lose weight as the body tries to save fat stores for proper functioning and health.  Over time, it can even lead to damage of vital organs.

Making permanent lifestyle changes is always a healthier and safer way to lose or maintain optimum weight depending on your age. While weight loss is important, never forget that it is only a part of your overall health and well-being.

7 Effective Herbs And Minerals That Improve Sexual Performance In Men

There are many men who suffered from a lost in sexual performance. Many factors contribute to this devastating blow to the esteem of man. It could be, but not limited to stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diets etc.

Besides, a change to a healthier lifestyle and diet, there are male enhancement supplements that could provide effective and fast solution to the less than satisfactory sexual performance faced by men. Most of the male enhancement products claim to contain proven, potent ingredients to boost men’s sexual drive, stamina and performance.

Effective male enhancement supplement should work by expanding the blood vessels around the penile area, allowing more blood flow into the Corpora Cavernosa – one of the chambers of the penis which is responsible for the erection experienced during sexual arousal.

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The increased blood flow to the chamber enables a fuller, better and longer lasting erection. Some examples of herbs, plants extracts and minerals that have been proven to have a significant impact on a man’s overall sexual performance are discussed below.

1) Korean Ginseng

This ginseng extract enhances physical endurance and improve mental faculty for people leading active and demanding lifestyles. Korean ginseng is particularly useful when you are suffering from fatigue or from reduced capacity for work. It also helps improves the ability to concentrate. It has been used for thousands of years as a preventive herb and remedy for many bodily disorders, such as ravages of old age, waning libido, depleting stamina and even serious health challenges.

2) Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is an extract of the fruit of Serenoa repens. It is a herb that has been proven in many various clinical studies to help maintain a healthy prostate. It was widely used during the 1940s to 1950s by people to enhance sexual stamina, libido and increase sperm production. Saw Palmetto blocks the absorption of testosterone in the prostate, keeping it at a healthy state. It also has other hormonal effects which make it effective for disorders like acne, male baldness, low libido and low sperm count.

3) Selenium

Selenium is a very effective mineral in increasing stamina, sex drive and improving the production of healthy sperms.  About half of a male body’s selenium can be found in the testicles and parts of the seminal ducts around the prostate gland. Besides sexual health benefits, Selenium is also an important nutrient in fighting heart diseases and cancer.

4) Cordyceps

According to traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps has a very profound and significant positive impact on men’s overall desire for sex. It was proven in two independent human trial studies that Cordyceps is able to boost sex drive in roughly 62 – 65% of the participants.

5) Zinc

Included as zinc oxides, it helps relax the smooth muscles of the Corpora Cavernosa making it easier to sustain an erection. It also has a positive impact on the body’s metabolism and increases energy.

6) Lepidium meyenii

Commonly known as maca, it originated from the Peruvian radish family. Maca is a well-regarded sex enhancing root passed down by the Inca which really boosts libido, sexual function and overall energy. Compounds such as macamides and macaenes are believed to be the reason for maca’s sex boosting powers.

7) Curculigo

This plant is used as an aphrodisiac for many years by men throughout Asia. Now, it has been proven scientifically to have a significant improvement on a man’s sex drive, erection quality and decreases the time between erections, thus increasing the frequency of having quality sexual intercourse.

The above substances are proven to be potent and effective in improving men’s sexual abilities in one way or another.  Any male enhancement supplements that claim to be effective in improve a man’s virility and libido should contain at least a few of these substances.

A good sex life does not happen naturally for many of us. It cannot be ignored that there are many important substances that help regulate the level of sex hormones in your body,  provide the required stamina and even help protect your reproductive system from the damaging effects of diseases and infections.

The above are some examples of useful substances which are all-natural and can help provide the powerful effect in providing the sexual drive, stamina and virility that a man desire.